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Updated on Wednesday 01st February 2017

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Bottle trap is a part of the drainage system of the sink. Professionals in the plumbing domain use this term a lot of times to refer to the thin and straight waste pipes which do not present curves or have the “U” or “S” bend. A secondary pipe is commonly connected to the first one, just above the halfway length. 

Bottle traps block any debris, allowing the water to flow properly through the drainage pipe. A bathroom basin can easily block in the absence of a bottle trap. Also, the bottle trap is an important part of the basin's plumbing which keeps the bathroom hygienic and clean. When the basin is utilized, the used water goes through the basin waste, into the drainage pipe and then into the sewer. A large quantity of other waste and dirt is gathered inside this sewer, which causes many harmful gases. The bottle trap stops these gases to come inside the bathroom, this way assisting to keep the hygiene inside the bathroom and in the same time maintaining us on the safe side.

Replacing bottle trap in Singapore becomes necessary when the pipe is leaking, leading to unnecessary waste of water, or when its design becomes outdates and the proprietor wishes one which fits with the design of the bathroom. For this issue our plumbers in Singapore can help you upon request. 

Because bottle traps do not necessitate to be hidden from sight, property owners choose modern basins with stylishly designed bottle traps which are finished in chrome in order to blend aesthetically with the bathroom space.

Removing the bottle trap - a procedure presented by our plumber in Singapore

The first thing that should be done when replacing your bottle trap in Singapore is ensuring that the new bottle trap is the same size as your already existing one. 

After that, a drip pan or a bucket is placed under the existing bottle trap and the plug in the basin is popped. This way, the bucket will retain any water and the plug makes sure that if someone puts the tap on while the plumber is in the garage gathering your pipe wrench, the bathroom floor is not flooded. 

The actual replacement of the bottle trap in Singapore is quite an easy procedure. The existing bottle trap should be unscrewed by hand and any contents will drain into the bucket. A pipe wrench can remove the existing bottle trap.

Placing a new bottle trap in Singapore 

After the existing bottle trap is taken out, the plumber in Singapore starts screwing in the new one. The new bottle trap under the basin is fitted by using a pipe wrench, after which the plumber tightens the trap connector to the drain pipe.

The following step for bottle trap replacement in Singapore is to make sure that the bathroom cap is securely screwed in to prevent any leaks. The bathroom cap is tested by removing the plug and letting some water flow through the system to confirm there are no leaks prior to removing the bucket. This way, if there are any leaks, there will be no flooding of the floor.

Need to replace a bottle trap in Singapore? We are here to help. Please contact us for any plumbing services you may need in Singapore.



February 16, 2017

Very interesting article!


February 17, 2017

Very interesting and good explanation as well. I do believe I could do it myself.


February 21, 2017

Helpful article!


February 26, 2017

I had to change the bottle trap myself but it was hard! I do recommend a plumber for such work.

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