Clear Floor Trap Chokage in Singapore

Updated on Thursday 14th September 2017

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The pipes in your building transport clean water to different plumbing fixtures, and they transport waste water away from your building. This system may work perfectly for a while, however a choke is among the most often met plumbing problems that building owners come across. Eliminating the choke is imperative, most of the times having to get help from a professional plumber in Singapore.

Water overspill in the floor trap in Singapore

The reason a water overspill from a choked floor trap might happen is because solid matter and/or grease in the floor trap chunks the water flow.

The solution to this issue lies in removing all the dense materials that are causing the choke. Most of the times, this problem is solved by professional plumbers in Singapore. We offer clearing of chokes by manual removal, chemical and jet spray machines. We are experienced in clearing floor trap chokages in Singapore, having operated in the industry for many years and ensuring that every work we effectuate is of the highest quality.

After the job is done, the plumber makes sure the floor trap chokage is entirely eliminated by checking that the water flows clearly.


Maintenance advice offered by our plumber in Singapore


In order to make sure you do not come across a floor trap chokage, keep the following advice in mind:

•    Close the grating to avoid particles – like hairs or other dense materials – from choking the floor trap. Do not pour cooking oil into the floor trap;
•    Keep your bathroom and kitchen clean by daily using diluted household bleach (1 part of bleach mixed with 99 parts of water). 

Our plumbers in Singapore can give you further advice on how to avoid a floor trap chokage and they can assist you on various plumbing issues.

Foul smell from floor trap


Sometimes, if solid particles are trapped in the floor trap, it might give out a foul smell. Or the same thing might happen if the toilet has not been utilized for quite a long time, for example, while you were out on a holiday. 

The way out from such a problem is to remove the solid particles, then flush and clean the floor trap and flush the toilet on a regular basis.

To avoid foul smell from floor trap, do the following:

•    Seal the floor trap cover for the time being while it is not being used for a prolonged period of time;
•    Do not pour dirty liquids or oil into the floor trap;
•    Install an anti-mosquito device on the floor trap.

How our plumbers in Singapore clear a clogged floor trap

When dealing with clogged floor traps, our Singapore plumbing experts can use the methods which are enlisted below:
Using a plunger: it is a plumbing tool used to unclog drains. After using it, our local plumbers will verify if the floor trap was unclogged;
A home-made solution: it is made of vinegar and soda. The solution is prepared by our plumber then it is left to sit in the clogged floor trap for 10 minutes. Afterwards, a supplementary boiling water quart is slowly flushed and the floor trap cover is replaced;
Utilizing a plumber’s snake: in case all the above methods do not work, a manual plumber’s snake is used. Again, after the floor trap is unclogged, the cover is replaced;
Professional plumber and high tech instruments: our licensed plumbers have all the necessary tools to make sure that, no matter how stubborn, the clog from the floor trap is removed. Firstly, we diagnose the issue and then we choose the most appropriate instrument to sort out the issue from our stock of high tech tools. These may include fiber optic cameras, powerful electric augers (caller Roto-Rooters) or hydro-jetters. These hydro-jetters attack drain clogs in an extremely effective manner by using high-pressure water steams.
The best way to deal with a clogged floor trap, however, is prevention. The wise homeowner knows these drains should be professionally cleaned by our plumbers in Singapore every three to five years to ensure the issue does not occur at all.

Our plumbers in Singapore are experienced and devoted to assisting our customers in their plumbing issues in the most professional and frank attitude possible. Contact us now if you need to clear floor trap chokage in Singapore.



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Can you help me get rid of the smell in my floor causeed vy the damaged pipes?

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Good advice for avoiding bad smells


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