Why Is My Tap Not Turning On?

Updated on Wednesday 15th March 2017

Why Is My Tap Not Turning On? Image
Sometimes, and always in the most unexpected and inconvenient moment, the tap in your kitchen or bathroom is not turning on. Why is this happening?

A plumber in Singapore reckons there can be a number of reasons for which this takes place. 

The spindle in Singapore

The most common reason why the water is not pouring out from the tap is because of the spindle. This piece is the inner tap handle valve and it can get blocked sometimes. If that is the case, it needs to be replaced.

The most appropriate way to take care of this issue is by having a plumber in Singapore inspect your location. If it is indeed the spindle which causes the tap not to turn on, it is a quite simple and quick job to be taken care by a Singapore plumbing professional.

The well pump in Singapore

Other times, the tap might not be turning on because of the well pump.

Before getting too worried about your lack of tap water, make sure the well pump is connected to the power. Our plumbers in Singapore recommend you to verify if the electrical circuit for the pump has not been interrupted. Or, dry weather could cause the well pump not to function properly. Prolonged periods of time without rain may cause the water level in the well to drop or maybe the well pump has not been located at the appropriate depth.

On other cases, the well pump might have the wrong size. When installing such a pump on your premises, it is important to take into account the number of plumbing fixtures, the house size and the water demands.

Some households utilize a lot of water for irrigation, feeding animals or a business from home. Or maybe you added a new room or made changes to your home which increased the water use In your household. In these instances, too, the well pump might be too small and you might need to have local plumbers install one of an appropriate size.

If you have no water running from your taps in your house, or if you are experiencing any other plumbing issue, we can help. Please contact our plumbing services firm in Singapore.

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