Why does My Fridge Leak?

Updated on Saturday 11th March 2017

Why does My Fridge Leak? Image
Do you have a leaky fridge in your kitchen? Are you wondering if you should spend thousands of dollars in buying a new one? In this article, a plumber in Singapore answers these questions and explains how certain repairs can be done. 

Reasons for a leaky fridge presented by our plumbers in Singapore

A fridge in Singapore could be leaking because of one of the following reasons:

•    Defrost drain: it is one of the most common reasons why a fridge could be leaking. Sometimes, the drain opening could get clogged by ice or food particles, not allowing the water gathered during the defrost cycle to drain from the pan;
•    Ice maker: the ice maker in your fridge has certain water-line connections which can loosen or their seals can get worn out. This might cause leaks from the refrigerator;
•    Water filter: a damaged connection between the water filter and the water supply may lead to a leaky fridge for models that have a filtering system. A plumber in Singapore can help you sort out this issue;
•    Drain pan: sometimes, the drain pan at the lower side of the fridge could crack and may allow this way the water to leak. There should be a small amount of water in the drain pan, which should evaporate before leaking on the floor. Our plumbers in Singapore can offer more details on this issue.

How a plumber in Singapore fixes a defrost drain in your fridge

In order to fix a defrost drain in your fridge, a plumbing services professional in Singapore will take the following actions:

•    Utilizing a turkey baster or a funnel, the drain from inside the fridge is flushed;
•    If the problem still persists, the local plumber could have to remove by hand the rubble which clogs the check valve at the drain hose end;
•    The refrigerator is pulled out from the wall and the defrost drain hose at the back service panel is located;
•    The valve of this hose is cleaned;
•    The valve is reinstalled.

For more details about leaks coming out of the fridge, or for help with any plumbing problems you might be confronted with in your commercial or residential property, we invite you to get in touch with our Singapore plumbing experts.

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