What Kind of Shower Head Should I Buy in Singapore?

Updated on Wednesday 10th May 2017

What Kind of Shower Head Should I Buy in Singapore? Image
Shower heads are an important fitting in your bathroom. Not only do they have to look good and modern, but more importantly, they should help you save water, since Singapore is one of the countries with no water supplies of its own.

So, what kind of shower head should you buy in Singapore? In this article, our reputed plumbers in Singapore guide you through some of the most appropriate shower heads.

Water conservation shower head models in Singapore

Here are a couple of the most popular water conservation shower head models:

•    Singapore low-pressure shower heads: these are especially designed for low-water pressure options. That translates into a saving of approximately 5 gallons (18.92 liters) in a short five minute shower that you may take a few times a day. Our plumbers in Singapore can further advise you on these types of models, as well as set them up in your bathroom;
•    Adjustable flow shower heads in Singapore: Sometimes, low water pressure may be a nuisance because there is not enough water to rinse your long hair properly or soap off the body. An adjustable flow shower head will solve this problem and conserve water at the same time, since they have several flow settings which are used depending on your needs. 

Our plumbing services experts in Singapore can set up any of these water saving shower heads for you, helping you save water and reduce your water bills at the end of the month.

Smart shower program in Singapore

Quite soon, PUB (Singapore’s National Water Agency) has announced that it intends to install smart shower devices for approximately 10,000 new houses as part of a demonstration project meant to study and validate the water saving effect of this type of devices. Our plumber in Singapore can offer more details on this project. 

These devices are innovative in the sense that they offer real-time data on the water consumption while they are actually being used. 

A former smaller scale study proved that an individual may save almost five liters of water per day, or approximately 3% of his or her monthly water bill, when utilizing this types of devices.

If you are wondering which shower head you should buy in Singapore, or need to install one in your bathroom, please get in touch with our Singapore plumbing professionals.

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