What Is Chlorine in our Drinking Water?

Updated on Thursday 21st September 2017

What Is Chlorine in our Drinking Water? Image
Chlorine is utilized to disinfect water, which leads to the elimination of waterborne illnesses and it improves the public health. In this article, our plumber in Singapore explains different aspects related to the reasons why chlorine is placed in our drinking water.

Why chlorine in the Singapore drinking water?

Chlorine is very effective at destroying pathogens and illnesses, it has a low cost, it is easily controlled and monitored and it maintains with ease a residual level in the distribution of water which continues to protect drinking water supplies from bacteria and organisms. These are the main reasons why chlorine is introduced in our tap water.

In case you have an individual well, our plumbers in Singapore recommend you to disinfect your water supply. You can do so with various methods, such as ultra-violet, reverse osmosis, distillation and so on. 

Issues of chlorination explained by our plumbers in Singapore

The chlorination disinfection may present certain issues, in some cases. Chlorine may react with organic compounds which are naturally occurring and are found in the water supply, resulting in compounds which are named disinfection by-products (DBPs).

The effects of these DBPs depend largely on the exposure duration to the chemicals and the amount which was drunk.

If taken in high dosages, a DBP named bromoform, particularly slows down the normal activity of the brain, which manifests in sedation or sleepiness.

Chronic exposure to these DBPs may cause kidney and liver cancer, and also heart diseases, unconsciousness or even death in certain cases.

Because of the cancerous effects of these compounds, the drinking water regulations in the whole world request a monitoring of the concentration of these compounds on a regular basis. Our plumber in Singapore can provide further details on this subject.

What is the status of tap water in Singapore?

According to the Singapore’s National Water Agency, the water in Singapore is quite soft and is safe to drink from the tap. Our Singapore plumbing professionals can provide more information about the chlorine found in the tap water in the city-state. 

To make sure that the water supply is safe and clean, water samples are gathered on a regular basis and chemically analyzed at the Water Testing Laboratory.

If you need to know more about the water treatment in Singapore, or if you require any plumbing services in Singapore, please contact our friendly staff.

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