Water Dripping from the Ceiling: What to Do

Updated on Wednesday 19th April 2017

Water Dripping from the Ceiling: What to Do Image
Is it raining inside your house? Our plumbers in Singapore know it is not the most fortunate situation to be in. 

It can sometimes happen: water is dripping from the ceiling and you wonder what to do. Here is our answer.

Immediate measures to take in Singapore

Here are the first measures you should take when water is dripping from the ceiling:

1.    Put a bucket or a pot under the leak to catch the water, so that no further damages are suffered by your property;
2.    Have our plumber in Singapore immediately make a small incision into the ceiling to avoid it from collapsing. This way, the water will fall more freely into the bucket, as well.
3.    Then, our plumbers in Singapore will determine whether the leak is a plumbing issue or if it is actually due to the ceiling. If it is raining outside when the leak takes place, it is a sign of a roofing problem. If the water, though, is leaking continuously when it is not raining, it is most probably a Singapore plumbing issue.

If it is a plumbing issue in your Singapore house…

If our plumbing services experts in Singapore determine the issue is a plumbing one, they will make sure to verify the attic.

A lot of leaks originate from the attic of a house. This can be caused by the float operating valve, followed by a burst pipe or a pipe joint which can be damaged in a certain place.

These types of water leaks are quite easy to locate and our plumbers in Singapore will make sure to fix them at once.

Act quickly

When there is water dripping from the ceiling, acting quickly is crucial to prevent any disasters happening to your property. Obviously, the leak will not get fixed or disappear by itself. If you let 24 or even 48 hours go by without calling a plumber, chances are you could be facing a more severe issue such as mold contamination or structural damage to your house. And mold is not something to take lightly, as in worse situations it can lead to serious health issues, not to mention that it is ugly. 

Therefore, if you find yourself in a situation where the ceiling is dripping and you wonder what to do, immediately contact our local plumbers to verify the situation and advise you on the best course of action.

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