Types of Shower Valves

Updated on Monday 20th November 2017

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Shower valves are generally referred to by our plumbers in Singapore as one of the following:
a pressure balancing valve;
a thermostatic valve or a thermostatic mixing valve; or
a diverter valve or a transfer valve.
A pressure balancing valve and a thermostatic valve help control and maintain the water temperature in the shower. A diverter valve and a transfer valve help conduct or re-conduct the water flow in the shower from its head to the faucet of the tub, or to the hand-held shower head and so on.
In this article, our plumber in Singapore explains the differences between the different types of shower valves.

The pressure balancing valve explained by our plumber in Singapore

The pressure balancing valve is characterized by only one handle which controls both the volume and temperature of the water, as well as a dial or set-screw which regulates the stop-point for the handle.
The pressure is balanced through either a sliding disc on a piston or a spool which reacts to variations and maintains the pressure ratio.
If someone inside the house flushes the toilet while the shower is being used, the cold water is directed into the toilet tank, decreasing the cold water pressure getting at the shower valve which can be installed by our plumbers in Singapore.
The system in the pressure-balance valve moves to decrease or shut off the hot water, keeping the balance between the hot and the cold flows, so that the temperature only changes by several degrees.

The thermostatic mixing valve in Singapore

This type of shower valve helps in controlling the temperature of the water. The main advantage of this valve is that the shower can be turned on and then all you have to do is wait until the water reaches the desired pre-set temperature.
Thermostatic valves could be chosen by our Singapore plumbing professionals in an electronic form or a more popular manual one.
The manual form utilizes a heat-sensitive material which is usually wax and which expands when heated and restricts the hot water flow.
If you would like to know more about the other types of shower valves, or for any kind of plumbing services in Singapore which you might need, please speak to our friendly plumbers.

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