Tips on Soldering

Updated on Sunday 28th May 2017

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Soldering is a job which is best to be left for plumbing professionals in Singapore to handle, as it can be a complex procedure and, sometimes, even potentially dangerous. If you decide, however, to tackle such a job yourself, here are a few tips on soldering.

1.    Copper pipe joint soldering in Singapore

If you are attempting to solder a copper pipe joint, our plumbers in Singapore advise you to follow these tips:

•    Clean carefully the pipe end with sandcloth;
•    Clean carefully the inside of the fixture with a wire fitting brush;
•    Apply flux on the fixture, as well as on the pipe and set up the joint;
•    Heat the fixture and not the pipe, by using a propane torch for around 30 seconds;
•    Drop soldering wire on the joint.

2.    Soldering aluminum

Soldering aluminum can be effectuated by a plumber in Singapore with either soft solders or hard ones and with correct fluxes to match the processing temperature differences. 

The aluminum melting temperature is of 661 degrees Celsius. Preheating, attentive choice of joint geometry and noncontinuous joints are critical.

Different aluminum alloys have various solderability:  1xxx, 2xxx, 3xxx and others are easier to solder than 6xxx and 7xxx series alloys. 

3.    Use bread

Bread can be used to keep the water away when you are soldering. Make sure to use only white bread, as the whole-wheat one contains grains which may get stuck in the valves.

In case there is some water dripping through a joint, the fitting will not get hot enough to melt solder. To prevent this from happening, follow this soldering tip: make a white bread ball and place it deep inside the pipe

The bread ball with stop the water from dripping for enough time so that the soldering is effectuated. Then, it will dissolve when the water is turned back on.

4.    Safety tips from our plumbers in Singapore

To ensure you effectuate a safe soldering, here are a few safety tips from our plumber in Singapore:

•    do not touch the element or tip of the soldering iron, because it can cause burns, since it reaches extremely high temperatures;
•    always wear protective googles;
•    do not touch the main flex with the tip of the iron;
•    always return the soldering iron to a standing position when not using it.

For more tips on soldering, or for any plumbing services in Singapore, please get in touch with one of our friendly plumbers.

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