Install a Water Leak Detector

Updated on Tuesday 16th May 2017

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Worried about leaky appliances and water waste on your property? A water leak detector can help you detect leaks in their early stages, before provoking damages and waste of water in your home. As follows, our plumber in Singapore presents you a brief description of water leak detector installation.

Steps followed in order to install a water leak detector in Singapore

A water leak detector is installed by our plumbers in Singapore by taking the following main steps:

1.    Inspection of the hose, pipe fixtures and the floors under the appliances in the house and checking for water leaks or damages on a regular basis. The plumber in Singapore advises you to replace rubber hoses with stainless steel braided ones, because these do not burst to crack;
2.    Choose a water leak detector depending on how many notifications you require. Usually, water detectors have an alarm which starts when it detects even small amounts of water. They run on batteries. The sensor is then installed behind or under the appliance that uses water. More advanced detectors will even shut off the water when they detect a water leak;
3.    If you have certain systems, you can even buy their water leak sensors which will send you notifications directly on your smartphone when tracing a water leak.

Water leak detector types in Singapore

The water leak detectors installed by our plumbers can be:

•    Active: generally they emit some kind of alarm, however can also stop the flow of water. These water leak detectors have a shut-off valve and a system to detect the leak. Most of these systems utilize sensors, others, however, utilize a flow sensor and a timer to detect a water leak and that the water has to be shut off. Our Singapore plumbing experts can offer more information on this type of water leak detectors;
•    Passive: these only decrease the damage produced by the water by emitting a warning alarm. The passive systems are mostly fit in locations where the alarm can be heard, like near dishwashers, refrigerators or toilets.

If you would like to install water leak detectors to prevent water damage in your home, or if you need any plumbing services in Singapore, we invite you to get in touch with our friendly team of plumbers.

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