How to Quiet Noisy Water Pipes

Updated on Tuesday 25th April 2017

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Strange noises coming from your water pipes which keep you awake late at night? There are ways in which these sounds can be eliminated. Here is how.

Have no fear, our plumber in Singapore is here!

If you need to quiet noisy water pipes, our plumbers in Singapore have the solution.

This phenomenon in your pipes might happen because pipe straps might loosen with time, causing them to make strange sounds when the water temperature changes. This can be changed by our Singapore plumbing professionals by setting up several screws.

Generally, the hot water pipes are the ones making the most noises, due to the fact that they expand when the temperature of the water flowing inside them changes. This causes the nails at certain pipe straps to loosen.

The most appropriate method to fix this issue permanently by our plumbers in Singapore is adding more pipe straps and replacing all the current nails with screws.

Other causes of noisy water pipes in Singapore

Noisy water pipes might also happen when a rapid moving flow of water suddenly comes across a closed valve located at a pipe end. This has the potential of producing damages to the pipe itself, as well.

A plumbing system has a built-in mechanism meant to avoid these water crashes. These are named air chambers and represent vertical pipes that are found in wall cavities next to a faucet or a valve where the pipe appears out from a wall.

To eliminate the water noises made by water crashes, our plumber in Singapore will ensure there is plenty of air in the air chamber. 

In order to do so, he will take the following steps:

•    Turning off the main water supply;
•    Turning on the faucet located at the highest level in the property. While the water comes out, air will enter in to replace it;
•    Turning off the lowest faucet and opening the main valve to the property after all the water has come out from the pipes.

If you need to quiet noisy pipes, or if you have any other plumbing problem in your house, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our plumbing services experts in Singapore.

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