How to Prevent Water Damage in Your Bathroom

Updated on Wednesday 20th September 2017

How to Prevent Water Damage in Your Bathroom Image
The bathroom is the most likely place in your house for water damages, since 75% of the water use in a household occurs in this room. As follows, our plumber in Singapore explains how to prevent water damage in your bathroom.

1. Inspect the shower and bathtubs in Singapore

To avoid water damage from occurring in your bathroom, take the following measures:
Do not allow the water to stay in the bathtub. Water that does not move may find its way around a damaged drain;
Verify caulking around the bathtubs and showers and fix or replace the zones where the water could leak;
Check the tiles to see whether they are lacking or are cracked. Also, verify the grout areas for missing grout. Water may leak behind the tiles and produce a wall damage if a grout and tile are not in their proper shape;
Other measures: our plumbers in Singapore can provide more information on what these other measures may consist of.

2. Check the toilets for leaks

Commonly, when a toilet leaks, it is a contained leak between the bowl and the tank, which has to be repaired, however, it does not produce damages in the bathroom.
In case you notice that the floor around a toilet is wet, or is spongy, or there is quite a large amount of staining around it, the toilet has an issue.
Our plumber in Singapore can assist you in diagnosing and fixing this issue, since it might be a tank-to-bowl connection, gasket or floor flange problem.

3. Verify the bathroom plumbing in Singapore

The pipes in a bathroom can become rusty and leak in time. The pipe installation in your bathroom should be inspected on a regular basis.
Also, check for any musty smells or water stains which could be an indicator of water damages. Our Singapore plumbing professionals advise you to verify as well:
Valves of the toilet, sink and shower to make sure they are functioning correctly;
The faucet supply lines which are concealed under vanities and to replace them if necessary;
To see if deteriorated or cracked caulking along the sinks, showers and tubs has to be replaced;
Other issues: we can provide more details on what these other issues consist of.
For more tips to prevent water damage in the bathroom, or if you require any plumbing services in Singapore, please contact our friendly team of plumbers.

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