How to Detect a Leaky Toilet

Updated on Monday 13th March 2017

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Leaky toilets are the cause of water waste and high water bills in your home, with even a silent one caused by an ineffective flush valve system (which is the most commonly met type of toilet leak) wasting from 113 l to 1,892 l daily. And think about the fact that the noisy ones (which produce a constant sound because of various reasons) will waste even more water! That means a lot. It is, therefore, important to detect a leaky toilet. Our plumbers in Singapore explain how.

Toilet tank leak in your Singapore home

When you find water on the toilet floor, a plumber in Singapore will check whether the water is leaking from the toilet tank.

In order to diagnose this kind of leak, the following measures will be taken by our local plumbers:

•    Removing the toilet tank lid;
•    Adding an organic-based coloring, like food coloring, into the water of the toilet tank;
•    If after 30 minutes without flushing the toilet there is water on the floor with the same color as the one in the tank, or if there are any marks of the colored water from the tank, then it is certain there is a toilet tank leak.
•    Our plumbers in Singapore will take the appropriate steps to fix this leak.

Other reasons why a toilet may be leaking presented by our plumbers in Singapore

Other reasons why a toilet could be leaking in Singapore are as follows:

•    Flush handle issues: when the handle has to be jiggled in order to prevent the toilet from leaking, the flush level bar and chain or maybe even the handle could be damaged;
•    Flapper valve leaks: often times, the flapper valve could be damaged or not be working correctly. If this piece is damaged or cracked, it could allow the water to leak continuously from the tank into the bowl of the toilet without actually flushing it. Our Singapore plumbing professionals can provide more details on this matter;
•    Overflow tube leak: In a properly working toilet, the water level should be even with the fill line on the back of the toilet tank. When the water is too high in the tank and it flows into the overflow tube, the water level can be attuned. 

In case you require more information on diagnosing a toilet leak, or if you need any other plumbing job effectuated in your house, please get in touch with our plumbing services firm in Singapore.

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