How to Buy the Most Appropriate Toilet?

Updated on Wednesday 20th September 2017

How to Buy the Most Appropriate Toilet? Image
Thinking about purchasing a new toilet? It might seem like a simple procedure, however, there are certain crucial issues to take into account before doing so. In this article, our plumbers in Singapore explain how to buy the most appropriate toilet.

Standards and measurements of the toilet in Singapore

When buying a new toilet, you need to ensure that it will fit your bathroom space. In order to do so, our plumber in Singapore recommends you to measure the rough-in size.

The rough-in size is the distance between the wall which is found behind the toilet and the drainpipe center or the bolts which are holding it to the floor.

It is advisable to effectuate this measurement before the current toilet is removed.

The standard rough-in is 30.48 centimeters, even though sometimes it can be 25.4 centimeters or 35.56 centimeters in older houses.

Pressure or gravity in Singapore

Gravity-based toilets function in the old-fashioned way, which proves to be the most reliable, in our plumbers’ in Singapore experience. When flushing, the water is poured from the tank into the bowl, through gravity.

If enough water comes down inside the bowl, the volume forces all the matters from inside the bowl to go out through the S-shaped trap way, at which moment a siphoning effect takes place and the task is finished.

Pressure-assisted toilets are created to flush utilizing less amounts of water by adding compressed air to make the water come into the bowl.

Pressure-assisted tank pieces are not interchangeable with the gravity flow tank ones. These tanks are designed completely different.

Low-flow models

Another important aspect to consider when buying the most appropriate toilet is whether is should be a low-flow model.

Initially, when the low-flow model toilets were introduced, they did not function so well, requiring two flushes to actually get rid of everything inside the toilet.

At the present, though, these toilets actually work quite well in our Singapore plumbing professionals’ knowledge, with manufacturers adding important improvements like larger flush valves which enable a stronger water rush to enter the toilet bowl.

If you would like to learn more tips for buying a toilet, or for any plumbing services in Singapore that you might need, please speak to our friendly team of plumbers.

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