How Different Pipes in Singapore Can Leak

Updated on Wednesday 09th August 2017

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When pipes get damaged, they start leaking and may cause great issues in your house. Even though they might seem small at the beginning, leaks can become disastrous if not taken care of by our plumber in Singapore in due time.
In this article, we briefly explain how different pipes in Singapore can leak.

Why do copper pipes in Singapore leak?

Copper pipes in Singapore may leak because:
They are prone to pinhole leaks. These are tiny leaks which happen because of a pitting corrosion process which can take place inside of a copper pipe. This is one of the most often met causes of leaks in copper pipes;
The water in a copper pipe can start to corrode it, mainly if the water is extremely aggressive, or it has microorganisms. Also, in a new pipe, the water can prevent the formation of a protective oxide layer. Therefore, the other areas of the pipe which are not covered by this layer can corrode once the water starts flowing through the pipe;
Copper is particularly prone to collecting debris. It can happen while being installed or repaired, or because of iron deposits from a rusty water heater. The sediment in the supply may stop the uniform formation of the oxide layer, turning those spots more prone to corrosion;
Some older houses have the electrical system grounded to the copper Singapore plumbing one. When this is done inappropriately, the current may run through the copper line, causing external corrosion. Sometimes, the DC current from any exterior source could get directed to the residential copper system. In this case, the electrolysis which might result could eat at the copper pipe. However, these electrical issues are not common.
Other causes: Our plumber in Singapore can provide more details on what these other causes may consist of.

Why do galvanized pipes in Singapore leak?

Galvanized pipes are steel pipes which are covered with a protective zinc layer. Even though the zinc confers protection for a while, as the years go by, it erodes from the line and may favor the appearance of corrosion on the inside walls.
The solution to prevent such issues would be, in our plumbers in Singapore opinion, to re-pipe the entire home. The best choice would be to use a new type of pipes names PEX piping.
For more about the leak potential of different pipes in Singapore, or for any plumbing services in Singapore, please feel free to contact our friendly team of plumbers.

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