Can I Throw Chemicals into the Drain in Singapore?

Updated on Tuesday 14th March 2017

Can I Throw Chemicals into the Drain in Singapore? Image
Are you wondering if you can throw chemicals into the drain in Singapore? Our plumbers in Singapore have often met this question. Here is the answer.

Personal care products and pharmaceuticals are two significant pollutants that affect the environment by being thrown into the household drains. 

That is because, when chemicals, be it medical or non-medical, are thrown into the drain, they make their way into the waste water system, which generally filters into a treatment factory. 

These chemicals, though, are not eliminated by the water treatment process and are finally discharged into the surface and ground water from the water treatment plants. A plumber in Singapore can offer more details on this matter.

What to do instead of throwing chemicals into the drain in Singapore

Water treatments plants are able to eliminate many contaminants, however, there are still a lot of dangerous chemicals that are poured into the drain in Singapore which still find their way into our lakes, rivers and oceans.

Phosphates from detergents, toxins from pesticides and chlorine from bleach can affect the ecosystem after they leave the local water treatment factory. 

Since our plumbers in Singapore know the importance of preserving a healthy environment, they would like to present you with the alternative to throwing chemicals down the drain in the city-state. 

And this is represented by the fact that the city waste centers have special areas designed for dropping toxic chemicals. Certain substances, like motor oil and paint, can be recycled and the non-recyclable substances will be disposed of in the appropriate manner by these centers.

Another solution would be to replace unfriendly, toxic cleaning liquids with harmless, natural cleaners made from enzymes, oxygen or citrus.

How to dispose of medical containers in Singapore

Definitely, the medical containers for prescribed drugs in Singapore or the drugs themselves should not be thrown into the drain or toilet. 

Our plumbing services experts in Singapore advise you to sort this issue out by asking your pharmacist about the right way to throw them. In case they do not give you a reply, tap up the drug bottle in which the medications were stored before throwing it into the thrash. In this way, it will become less harmful for the environment.

If you need to know more about throwing a chemical down the drain, or if you require help with a plumbing job in your household, please contact our plumbers in Singapore.

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