8 Risks of Sink Replacement

Updated on Tuesday 30th May 2017

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When remodeling or just moving into your newly bought property, a nice looking sink compliments the design of you bathroom, while providing functionality at the same time. However, there are certain plumbing hazards which our plumbers in Singapore have to watch out for when installing a new sink. Here are eight risks of sink replacement.

1.    A deeper basin of the sink in Singapore

If you bought a new sink with a deeper basin than the old one, it will not drain accordingly and the sanitary tee connection will have to be lowered in the drain pipe inside the wall.

Sounds complicated? Simplify it by making sure the new sink has the same basin as the old one. Or better yet, measure the sink tailpiece between the basket strainer and the tee. 

2.    Make a leak test

After installing a new sink, our plumbers in Singapore always make a test for any leaks. Therefore, after setting up a new valve piece, or a valve, they strongly open and close the valves and run hot and cold water through it.

Also, water is allowed to run down the drain and filling the sink up, after which the drain is verified for leaks.

3.    Avoid sewer gases in Singapore

Generally, to avoid sewer gases in Singapore from your new sink, the sink hole is plugged by a plumber in Singapore with an easily removable material, such as a plastic with a rubber band or duct tape.

4.    Breaking the countertop granite

If they have to replace an undermount sink, our Singapore plumbing professionals ensure they prevent the granite countertop from breaking.

5.    Cutting through caulk

If the new sink is a self-rimming cast iron one, it has to be held in place by using caulk. In case you want to keep the same countertop, our local plumbers will have to cut through caulk.

Mainly if the caulk has become solid, it can be a complex job. However, with the use of certain specific tools, our experts can handle this, as well.

6.    Removing the old sink without breaking the countertop - part two

If the old sink was an undermount one and was glued with silicone, it might get tricky to remove it without damaging the granite countertop.

However, old silicone gluing can be removed with a knife and our plumbers will carefully lift the countertop to reach certain more difficult to reach spaces.

7.    Having rusty threads

Rusty steel drainpipes are difficult to work with, because the slip nuts are extremely hard to retighten or loosen.

Our plumber can solve this issue by adding a section of a plastic pipe.

8.    Getting the old sink out of the Singapore bathroom

An undermount sink may be difficult to get out of the bathroom, since space is tight and the sink seems to refuse to turn for removal.

In this situation, too, the granite countertop is carefully lifted, making sure it is not damaged.

If you need to replace a sink, or for any other plumbing services in Singapore, please contact our friendly team.

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