6 Plumbing Tips for Aging in Place

Updated on Friday 24th November 2017

6 Plumbing Tips for Aging in Place Image
Aging in place means that homeowners are able to continue living in their current homes for as long as possible. As we get older, sometimes we discover that the kitchen or bathroom present certain dangers to us and they are not as friendly as they used to be when we were younger and more flexible. 
However, there are certain touches we can add to these rooms to make them safer and friendlier for seniors. Here are six plumbing tips for aging in place from our plumbers in Singapore.

1. Add grab bars in your Singapore home

Adding grab bars in your home is a great plumbing advice for aging in place. This means that you can have something to hold on to when getting in and out of the bathtub, which can be dangerous because it is slippery and you can easily fall.
Our plumber in Singapore recommends you to avoid holding on to towel bars which are designed to hold towels, and not people.
What you can do instead is replace them with sturdy grab bars.


2. Have a shower without a threshold

Showers are a common feature for a bathroom designed for senior citizens. However, the threshold can be a dangerous thing because you might trip on it and fall.
Nowadays, many showers have edgeless doors, which, together with a slip-resistant flooring, can allow you to maintain the appropriate hygiene while reducing the risk of a normal shower.

3. Have accessible cabinets in Singapore

Another great plumbing tip for aging in place from our plumbers in Singapore is to have accessible cabinets. 
What you can do is to set up drawers in cupboards which slide out to offer quick access to the things in the back. 

4. Have easy-to-move lever handles

If you suffer from arthritis and it is difficult and painful to twist and turn those compression-style handles, you can ask our Singapore plumbing professionals to install easy-to-move lever handles for you to the sink and the shower.

5. Set up elevated toilets in your Singapore bathroom

A great issue for many senior citizens is the fact that the toilet seat level is too low. To counter this issue, a lot of aging in place remodels replace the standard height toilets with elevated ones.

6. Have a no slippery flooring

In order not to slip on the floor, choose a non-slip, comfortable material like carpet, cork or vinyl to decrease fatigue and provide a greater safety.
For more advice on aging in place, or if you require any plumbing services in Singapore, please speak to our friendly plumbers.

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