5 Original Kitchen Sinks

Updated on Saturday 03rd June 2017

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Are you thinking of replacing your old kitchen sink with a redesigned, original model? Today’s options are not limited to the traditional stainless steel sink and include both modern and traditional looks. The form and function of the kitchen sink are essential but does not mean that you should sacrifice your design preferences. Our Plumbers in Singapore show you some popular original kitchen sink designs.

The stone sink

The stone sink is a popular alternative to the traditional stainless steel sink. It can blend well with a modern kitchen and the finish of the material can be as rough or as smooth as the client wishes it to be. This type of sink is heavy so installation with the help of a team of Singapore plumbers is recommended.

The copper or metal sink

The copper or metal sink is also part of a trend that seems to go back to more traditional, natural materials rather than the stainless steel. It can look good in a number of forms and colors and it can successfully be used as an apron sink.

The apron sink

The apron sink, sometimes referred to as the farmhouse sink is one that offers a completely different look to the kitchen, compared to the traditional, rounded stainless steel one. It was traditionally designed in this fashion in order to hold large quantities of water or large pots. The installation for this type of alternative kitchen sink can be simplified with the help of our plumbers in Singapore.

The oversize sink

If you do not want a traditional farmhouse, sink but do want to have more room for your dishes you can choose an oversize sink. The design for this type of kitchen can be integrated to fit the overall look of the kitchen, with the only notable difference being that the sink itself will offer more room. 

The integrated sink

Homeowners who want a seamless kitchen sink can opt for an integrated kitchen sink. This model can be customized to match the color pattern in your kitchen and will blend beautifully with a streamlined look. 

For more information on kitchen sink installation or if you need professional plumbing assistance please do not hesitate to contact our plumbers in Singapore. 

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