Replacing Sinks in Singapore

Updated on Friday 03rd February 2017

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Old sinks tend to become damaged or cracked. A lot of home owners make the decision of replacing kitchen, bathroom or even backyard sinks in Singapore because they became broken or look old, in an attempt to redesign their homes. 

The procedure for replacing sinks described by our plumber in Singapore

Acquiring new sinks and replacing old sinks in Singapore can be a quite complex procedure, being very important to make sure that the current countertop fits the newly purchased sink first. Certain types of sinks, such as pedestal ones, might necessitate the entire removal of the current countertop. For example, if you want to replace a molded-in sink or a self-rimming one with a specialty sink, the current countertop might have to be removed before installing the new one. When replacing a sink, it is important to ask for the assistance of a firm specialized in plumbing services in Singapore

Sink materials in Singapore

When replacing a sink, our plumbers in Singapore recommend you to consider the different materials they are made of and the benefits which these materials can involve. Generally, there are four types of sink materials:

1.    Stainless steel: usually utilized for kitchen sinks, because it is affordable and resistant. This type of material does not get damaged by hot or cold objects/liquids, being difficult to get stained. On the downside, these types of sinks have the tendency to scratch easily and present water spots;
2.    Porcelain or enamel-over cast iron: it is another material generally used for kitchen sinks. It can have different colors, styles and shapes. It can endure cold or hot objects, however might get broken at the impact with heavy objects. Besides, the enamel or porcelain can get damaged,  causing the rusting of the exposed cast iron;
3.    Composite materials: these are materials made of crushed granite or quartz in combination with a resin filler. They are recommended by our plumber in Singapore as they are extremely resistant to scratches and stains;
4.    Fireclay or ceramic: normally more durable than cast iron sinks, being also more expensive.

If you want to replace your sink in Singapore, we are here to help. We invite you to contact our Singapore plumbing experts for immediate assistance.


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