Repairing Concealed Pipe Leakage in Singapore

Updated on Monday 13th February 2017

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Repairing Concealed Pipe Leakage in Singapore Image
A leaking pipe can be a big issue for home owners because it can cause significant damage. Sometimes, the leak can be located easily by making a visible inspection, in other cases though, leaks can be more difficult to notice and repair. In case you are wondering how your plumber in Singapore can diagnose and repair concealed pipe leakage, here are the steps which are taken.

The diagnosis

There are various methods used to locate the leak. First of all, the plumber in Singapore will ask for a description of the leak cause. This might be because you water bill is bigger than normal, you saw a wet spot in your yard which is not caused by rain or watering, or you have a wet spot in the wall inside your house. Based on your answer, the plumber could use video diagnostic services to identify the leak or he might make a visual inspection of different pipes in your house. After the leak has been located, the repairing procedure can start.

The repairing procedure

Repairing concealed pipe leakage in Singapore can be undertaken in different ways. Sometimes, the plumber will remove a part of the pipe and a new pipe section will be installed. Other times, a sealant could be put on the outer or inner side of the pipe or a coupling or fitting might be replaced with a new part. The plumber will decide which method will be used in order to repair the concealed pipe leakage in Singapore after attentively checking it and based on the location of it.

Affordable cost

Some proprietors who want to save their costs could attempt to make the repairing themselves. However, a lot of times, identifying the exact location of the leak is crucial and a professional plumber might use advanced diagnostic instruments to locate the leak. This could save a lot of time and reduce the necessity of cutting away sections of the drywall for a visual location of the leak. Besides, with professional plumbing services in Singapore, you can rest assured that the repair is done correctly from the very beginning. The last thing you need is an incorrectly made repair, which will cause the leak to keep happening. As we use affordable rates, getting professional help for repairing concealed pipe leakage in Singapore is the most sensible option.

Concealed leaks can cause a lot of damage even in a short while as well as costly water waste. If you believe you have a concealed pipe leakage in your home or across your yard, contact one of our plumbers in Singapore now!


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