Repair Kitchen Sink Basket Strainer in Singapore

Updated on Tuesday 07th February 2017

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Repair Kitchen Sink Basket Strainer in Singapore Image
Kitchen sink basket strainers in Singapore, also named sink strainers or sink basket drains, represent durable sink components. Sometimes, though, they can get damaged in time, being necessary for a plumber in Singapore to repair them. Here are the main steps taken when repairing kitchen sink basket strainers in Singapore.

1.    Unscrew the slip nuts of the sink strainer in Singapore

The first thing our plumber in Singapore does when fixing a kitchen sink basket strainer is to unscrew the slip nuts from the ends of the tailpiece. In order to do this, the channel-style pliers are utilized. The tailpiece from the body of the sink strainer and trap bend is disconnected. Then, the tailpiece is removed.

2.    Take off the locking nut

With the use of a basket strainer wrench, the big drain locking ring from beneath the strainer is removed. If this proves to be difficult, it is loosened by putting a screwdriver on the lugs and tapping it with a hammer. Afterwards, the locknut is unscrewed and the strainer assembly – taken off.

3.    Removing the old plumber’s putty

In the following step for fixing a kitchen sink basket strainer in Singapore, the old plumber’s putty is taken off from the drain opening, by using a putty knife. Our Singapore plumbing professionals will pay attention not to scratch the sink finish with it. In order to achieve the best outcomes, the current washers and gaskets should be substituted. 

4.    Application of fresh putty on the drain flange

A layer of plumber’s putty is applied on the underside of the drain flange. Next, the drain is introduced into the sink.

5.    Reinstall the strainer in Singapore

From under the sink, a rubber gasket and a metal or fiber friction ring are placed on the strainer. The gasket and ring are secured by tightening the drain locking ring. Then, the drain compressor seal is placed in the right position in the drain locknut, after which the drain locknut is reassembled and tightened. Finally, the water is turned on and the kitchen sink basket strainer in Singapore is tested for any leaks.

In case you need to repair a kitchen sink basket strainer in Singapore, we invite you to get in touch with our Singapore plumbing experts. 


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