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Updated on Wednesday 01st February 2017

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One of the most important steps in building a house is having a proper water supply and of course, long-life pipe installation. Our plumbers in Singapore can guide you in this major household work and can offer cost-effective materials and suitable plumbing services for your new residence.

One of the most considerable problem with present plumbing system projects doesn’t refer only to the actual pipe installation, but to the scheme and the design of the home. The materials that are selected for enclosing, the rooms position, the water heaters setting and also the point at which the water comes into the house, all have a significant control on the presentation of a proper plumbing system.

The plumber in Singapore recommends the PEX piping that can be fixed in a way that reduces expenses.

How can you improve pipe installation in Singapore? 

Frequently, the scheme of the plumbing structure is left until the end of the design process when the residence plan is fundamentally determined. This important step can be done by the constructor of the house in the initial planning phase using some elementary scheme principles, such as:

•    locating the central distribution point means that the water heaters and incoming water supplies can considerably develop the performance of a plumbing structure;
•    combining plumbing fittings around a common place can save materials, hot water energy and time. This procedure can be done between floorboards as well;
•    having spaces for bundled pipe turns is appropriate to a homerun PEX. 


Selecting the piping system -  a process explained by our plumber in Singapore

Our team in Singapore can recommend and select the most suitable pipe system design for your new house. The distinctive properties of PEX tubing allow it to be organized in a number of diverse schemes. The mixture of a system plan is usually founded on an arrangement of basic factors like:

•    work time;
•    installer preference;
•    effortlessness of installation;
•    scheme performance.

The task of the plumber in Singapore is to choose the system that balances the distinctive requirements of the homeowner, installer and constructor. When the system design is carefully chosen the last stage in the scheme procedure is to plan the pipe direction and the valve positions. 

For proper pipe installation in your new residence, please contact our plumbers in Singapore.



February 16, 2017

Very useful article!


February 17, 2017

Very useful information!


February 21, 2017

I generally address to a plumber when I have such issues.

Lum Kit Wye

March 14, 2017

I want to install some PVC and copper pipes on the ceiling of my townhouse bedroom. The pipes are intended only for decorative purposes and are not intended to be water pipes. Do you do such installations?

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