How to Use Plumbing Fittings in Singapore

Updated on Friday 21st April 2017

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A plumbing fitting in Singapore represents the part of a plumbing system used to connect straight tubing or pipe segments, adapt to various shapes or sizes, as well as some other purposes, like measuring or regulating the flow of a fluid. 

In this article, our plumbers present the main utilizations of plumbing fittings in Singapore.

Types of fittings presented by our plumbers in Singapore

Firstly, in order to understand how to use plumbing fittings in Singapore, it is necessary to know the different types of these particular plumbing pieces. These are categorized as follows:

•    Compression fittings: they have a couple or more entry points for the connection of pipes or fixtures’
•    Plastic and copper alloy push fittings: these are used for joining plastic and copper pipes;
•    Ductile iron screwed fittings: are quite cheap and can be utilized with water and compressed air;
•    Capillary fittings: they are manufactured from copper and use a soldered joint to connect the pipes. A plumber in Singapore can offer more details on what these types of plumbing fittings consist of.

How to utilize a compression plumbing fitting in Singapore

When it has a small dimension, a compression fitting is made of an exterior compression nut and an interior compression ring, also called a ferrule or an olive which is generally fabricated from copper or brass.

To function correctly, the olive has to be oriented appropriately by our plumbers in Singapore, generally being fitted so that the longest sloping side of the olive is facing away from the nut.

Thread sealants like joint compound have to be utilized on compression fitting threads. A small amount of light oil or plumber’s grease which can be applied on the threads, though, to offer lubrication for having a smoother, more solid tightening of the compression nut.

It is very important to avoid tightening too much the nut, otherwise the integrity of the compression fitting could be endangered. When the nut is tightened too much, the olive may deform, resulting in a fail of the joint.

To learn more about how to use plumbing fitting in Singapore, or if you require help with any plumbing assignment for your property, we invite you to contact our plumbing services firm in Singapore.


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